Driving value creation and retention in APAC.
Driving value creation and retention in APAC.
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About Techsumption Ventures

Techsumption Ventures is a venture acceleration lab focused on driving market validated technologies and products to APAC.

For Founders/CEO: We enable rapid commercialization and market traction in APAC with our large network of partners and customers.

For Corporates: We collaborate with companies to solve business problems, giving companies a strong and unfair edge against their competitors.

For Government Entities: We build and drive innovation for cities around the APAC region, creating a more productive and efficient ecosystem.

How We Started

Techsumption Ventures started in the summer of 2017; a spark of inspiration when one founding team member realized that many entrepreneurs are unable to make a decent living during his time at a state-owned investment fund. He saw many entrepreneurs, many of them his personal friends toiling through the night, building their products but never taking the time to validate if there will be customers who are willing to pay for their products. Not surprisingly, many of these start-ups or companies go on to fail, and some failed badly.

Throughout the years, he continues to learn of entrepreneurs who have sunk their savings, took multiple mortgages to chase the “Unicorn Dream”. The rigor of entrepreneurship cannot be estimated, and though daring to take risk should be advocated for, taking reckless risk and failing eventually without careful thought is a mistake which should be avoided at all costs.

At the depth of it all, for a business to be sustainable, revenue and costs have to be scrutinized and managed. There must be a sustainable business model for any venture pursuit and even though temporary losses could be sacrificed to chase growth, the ability to convert losses into profits to combat against market downturns and the cyclical nature of business must be present. Techsumption Ventures was thus borne as a venture lab focused on commercialization.

At Techsumption Ventures, we only have one mission, which is to create commercial value for all stakeholders we engage with.

Our Experience

We collaborate to create and execute sustainable commercial models.
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We are constantly looking to work with good people. Reach out to us at "info@techsumption.com" if your profile fits the below.

Sales and Business Development

Looking for a sales and business development representative who is not afraid to hustle and sell globally, a natural hunter and farmer. You are expected to be entrepreneurial and driven while having native fluency in English and Mandarin.


You must have the ability to problem solve independently while having novel suggestions for the company's technical direction. We value communication and you must be able to break down complex concepts into a ten seconds analogy.

Community Management

We are looking for someone who can network with virtually anyone, who is passionate, energetic and positively lifts the mood of everyone he or she speaks to. Double points if you are fluent in at least 3 languages, of which 2 are native fluency in English and Mandarin.