After a grueling two months selection process, six deep tech startups have emerged victorious during the Singapore leg of Suzhou Venture Pitch Contest, 2019.

The winning startups – all Singapore-based – include:
1. NDR Medical, a robotics healthtech startup looking to automate lesion targeting
2. Osteopore International, a medical device manufacturer focused on empowering natural tissue regeneration
3. VRcollab, a startup that enables architects, engineers, planners, and consultants to collaborate on projects through virtual reality
4. MDE solutions, a marine intelligence ecosystem-focused startup
5. AutoSENS, a startup that develops and creates hydrophobic and advanced nano-coatings
6. XYConnect, a smart city startup looking to drive 5G deployment

The startups will receive a cash grant from the Suzhou government, with a total prize pool of about US$14,500 for the Singapore leg and are set to compete in China for a shot at expansion opportunities in the country, millions in cash grant, and growth acceleration support.

The competition saw about 100 applications from startups based in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Germany, and France.

We also partnered with Nanyang High-Tech Innovation Center, a tech organization and service platform from Nanyang Technological University in Suzhou, to host the event.