Techsumption Ventures has recently moved into CoSpace Park, with the aim to promote cross-border relationships between Singapore and regional markets such as China and Korea, executing with entrepreneurs from said countries to concretize market access and expansion plans in the region through Singapore and from Singapore to regional markets.

The move provides Techsumption the opportunity to offer our full suite of commercialization, corporate and regional innovation solutions to local and global partners; and there are initiatives planned to enliven the space and build a defined ecosystem with commercialization as the main catalyst for driving growth.

With commercialization as a key theme of the venture lab, Techsumption Ventures will partner with entrepreneurs to generate revenue and come up with sustainable business models and validated revenue generation and operational manuals which can be replicated on a consistent basis without the heroic efforts of the Founders or superstar salespeople. 

To further leverage on the space, Techsumption will also collaborate with corporates and government entities from around the world, building the channels and networks required to help entrepreneurs succeed in landing support from relevant stakeholders.