Suzhou Venture Contest Event 2019
Suzhou Venture Contest Event 2019
Participate in the event to learn about China, witness top teams pitch, and network with investors, corporates, media and be entertained by international DJ and Emcee.

About The Contest

Suzhou, China, located in the southeastern part of Jiangsu Province, is one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta. In 2018, the city’s total regional value exceeded 1.85 trillion, ranking seventh in China’s large and medium-sized cities.

In order to facilitate the development of overseas talents and drive excellent projects into Suzhou, and also to better integrate Singapore’s scientific research technology and Suzhou’s humanistic entrepreneurial environment, “Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (Singapore) 2019 is scheduled to be held in Singapore on June 8, 2019. This inaugural startup pitch competition aims to strengthen the innovative interaction between China and Singapore, in order to better serve potential projects and enterprises within Suzhou.

Organizing Parties

“Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (Singapore) 2019 will be organized by the Suzhou International Elite Venture Week Alliance and undertaken by the Nanyang High-Tech Innovation Center (NTUIC) and Techsumption Ventures.

Techsumption Ventures is a venture acceleration lab focused on driving market validated technologies and products to APAC.

The Nanyang High-Tech Innovation Center (NTUIC) is a technology innovation organization and service platform that spun from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

2018 Suzhou Grand Finals Showreel

Take a look at the showreel from the 2018 grand finals, filmed and broadcasted by local TV stations.

Pitching Start-Ups

Ten start-ups are selected from close to 100 applications received for a chance at regional expansion in China.


8th June 2019 Event Flow

This table shows the event flow for the day and we look forward to celebrating the first red carpet styled start-up event with you.
Time Activity
1300 – 1330 Registration and Tea Networking
1330 – 1335 Emcee Opening Address
1335 – 1350 Suzhou Introduction Speech
1350 – 1355 Techsumption Opening Speech
1355 – 1515 Start-up Pitches (5 Groups)
1515 – 1520 Short Tea Break
1520 – 1635 Start-up Pitches (Final 5 Groups)
1635 – 1650 NTUIC Closing Speech
1650 – 1710 Prize Ceremony and Photo Taking
From 1710 Networking Dinner

Sponsors and Partners

These are the organizers and partners who are bringing you the contest.


Attractive Opportunities for Winners

There are a host of attractive prizes and opportunities for winners of the Singapore leg of the contest.

Attractive Cash Prizes

Attractive cash prizes are available for 6 winners from this contest: 1 RMB 30,000 winner, 2 RMB 20,000 winners and 3 RMB 10,000 winners.

Landing Pad Support

There will be robust landing pad support for winners of the grand finals, with cash prizes, grants, and permits from the government.

Sponsored China Access

For winners, you will get your expenses covered for air flights, hotels and food to compete in China and build crucial commercial networks.

Grand Finals in July

In July, winners will attend the "Suzhou International Elite Venture Week" from 10th to 12th July, and achieve accelerated growth.

Timeline of Event

This is the official timeline of the event, starting from application opening to actual day of event.

Phase 1 - Application

Applications are open from now till 10th May 2019. Wait no longer and apply now!
By 10th May 2019

Phase 2 - Selections

Selections will happen during this period, where the top 10 start-ups will be chosen to pitch by our internal panel.
By 24th May 2019

Phase 3 - Preparation

You will be given 2 weeks to prepare for the demo day and showcase your best to investors, media, corporates and customers over 10-15 minutes.
By 3rd June 2019

Phase 4 - Demo Day

The event is officially happening on 8th June, and we expect a day of intense fun and learning loaded with food and drinks. The sky is the limit at this event and at least half will win.
8th June 2019

Participate in the event now to learn more!

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